Item# NEK-01

Product Description

Nekdoodle® is a fantastic and new water fitness swim aid. Cushion your neck while swimming, rehabbing, and working out in water with a patented floatation device.

Perfect for swimmers worldwide, the Nekdoodle® water cushion supports the head and neck for use in water fitness, recreation, relaxation, and aquatic therapy. Its multifunctional appeal as an aerobic kickboard, a floatation device, and a seat cushion makes it popular with all ages.

Made from a high grade closed cell EVA foam with a vinyl coating, the NekDoodle is water proof, UV protected, salt and chlorine resistant, easy to clean and does not absorb water.

Who Needs the Nekdoodle®?
*Professionals in the Aquatic Therapy & Water Fitness Industries
*U.S. Swim School Instructors & Students
*Pool & Spa Owners
*Recreational Swimmers
*Boating Enthusiasts
*People at Resorts
*People on Cruises
*Ocean Enthusiasts and Beachgoers
*Military Therapists Rehabilitating Wounded Warriors
*Sporting Goods Store Owners
*Hospital Patients

Customer Reviews: “The Nekdoodle® is wonderful to use in a workout routine. It gives a great range of motion and gets the heart rate up faster. Love it!"

“I love the Nekdoodle®! It keeps my head out of the water and feels good on my neck. What a clever idea!”

"My patients like the Nekdoodle® for head support during floatation because it is easy to put on (no straps) and it keeps their ears out of the water while allowing comfortable neck alignment."

“Awesome! Fun to use...very I'm able to swim with no problem on my back. Great for kickin' it in the pool!"