Noodle Fun Seat

Noodle Fun Seat
Item# S-9043

Product Description

Tired of laying flat in the pool, not able to properly see your children or pool party shenanigans as they happen? This innovative chair allows you to lean on the mesh back, staying cool while still submerged in water, but kept afloat with pool noodles! (Noodles included)

Keep them poolside or take them along on trips to the beach or lake. Once deconstructed they take up no room.

The Noodle Fun Seat's heavy duty construction is durable enough for kids to jump on and rough house with but also comes in handy when simply lounging in the water.

Easy to assemble and disassemble, simply slip the noodles in and out of the mesh!

Perfect for pool parties and family fun days!

Appropriate for ages 7+