Noodle Storage

Noodle Storage
Item# NoodleSTR

Product Description

Theraquatics offers two great Noodle Storage options. The storage bin is great for keeping around your pool, and the bag is perfect for noodles on the go!

Noodle Bag (item WG52390): This strong black mesh bag features a full length zipper closure and comfortable shoulder strap. Holds up to 20 noodles.

Size: 54"W X 15"H X 15"D

Super Size Noodle Bag (item 9225): This lightweight Theraquatics Super Size Noodle Bag (item 9225) washes, rinses and dries easily and quickly. The drawstring opening makes the bag perfect to organise, transport and store up to 20 noodles (noodles not included).

Loop at opening allows bag to be hung to dry, with or without noodles.

Size: 62" long x 51" circumference

Noodle Storage Bin (item FHW11848): Keep your deck free of obstacles and your equipment organized. Compact storage unit holds up to 25 #8052 Water Noodles. Features 2" heavy-duty plastic casters for easy transport.

Item Number:
WG52390 (Noodle Bag)
9225 (Super Size Noodle Bag)
FHW11848 (Noodle Storage Bin)