Ostomy Pod

Ostomy Pod
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Product Description

Ostomy patients often have apprehension and embarrassments that keep them from enjoying exercising, socializing, and intimacy.

Wearing your Ostomy wrap will provide you comfort during exercising which can provide you with:

*Improved circulation
*Better balance & flexibility
*Improved skin tone
*Better resistance to illness
*Faster recovery from illness
*More self-confidence
*A stronger heart
*Better concentration
*Better body shape & posture
*Loss of excess weight
*More stamina & energy

Choose between an everyday wear Ostomy Pouch and our exclusive Swim Wrap.

Swim Wrap - Black: This Swim wrap is perfect for wear under your bathing suit to cover your pouch and stoma. The built in pocket keeps pouch from moving and shifting while also masking any bulges. Made from 80% Nylon and 20% spandex, has the look and feel of a bathing suit! The wraps feature an elastic waistband that won't constrict stomas.

Ostomy Pouch - Beige: Wearing one of our Beige/Skin tone Standard Wraps restores your confidence so you can engage in everyday activities. Our Ostomy Wraps are suitable for both men and women who have ostomy bags, ostomy pouches, or ostomy appliances. Our Ostomy Standard Wraps will enhance the way you feel and be more self-assured with evening wear. See below for custom-made Ostomy Wraps to fit.

The OstomyPal wrap is a one-piece Beige/Skin tone garment worn under clothing. There are two pockets to tuck the pouches into. Use only one pocket if there is only one pouch. The pockets stabilize the bag and keep it from moving, shifting, and flapping. The Ostomy wrap is made of stretch fabric that is smooth, form-fitting, and avoids a visual bulge. It is washable, can be air-dried, and the elastic waistband will not constrict the stoma.

Swim Wrap (black): Seven inches in Height:
Ostomy Pouch (beige): Nine inches in Height:
XS: Waist: 26-28", Hip: 26-30"
SMALL: Waist: 28-30", Hip: 30-34"
MED: Waist: 32-34", Hip: 34-38"
LARGE: Waist: 36-38", Hip: 38-42"
XL: Waist: 40-42", Hip: 42-46"
2XL: Waist: 44-46", Hip: 46-50"
3XL: Waist: 48-50", Hip: 50-54"
4XL: Waist: 52-54", Hip: 54-58"
5XL: Waist: 56-58", Hip: 58-62"
6XL: Waist: 60-62", Hip: 62-68"

The larger sizes can accommodate even bigger hip size,for additional 1" or 2". The fabrics stretches more with the bigger sizes ie: 3XL and up.

This listing is for one Ostomy Pod in your choice of size. Please choose carefully as these item's cannot be returned.