Hydro-Tone Hydro Boots (Sold in Pairs)

Hydro-Tone Hydro Boots (Sold in Pairs)
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Product Description

Hydro-Tone Hydro Boots (Sold in Pairs)
Hydro-Tone Hydro Boots provide a great lower body workout without the impact on your joints that comes from running on land.

The boots have 3 sections of 3-D fins made from high-impact plastic, foam cushion pads, and TPU footstraps. The nylon hinges that connect each fin allow for maximum articulation of the foot, which gives the user great stability in the water. The 3-D design allows maximum resistance no matter how you are moving your leg.

Neither sinking nor floating, users won't have to focus on keeping their feet sunk while doing fitness routines.

These are especially popular with physical therapists and doctors, providing the perfect rehabilitation for someone who is healing an injury to tendons,ligaments, muscles or joints.

The plastic is bright yellow and treated to resist chlorine and UV rays. The closed-cell foam cushion pads don't absorb water, dry quickly, and resists mold growth.

This listing is for one pair of Hydro-Tone Boots and instruction sheet. See the pictures in the listing for suggested use. For a full body resistance work out see additional Hydro-Tone products in our store.

Customer Comments:

"My knees are stronger than ever with no no wear on the joints and my legs get a great workout. I highly recommend these boots."

"This product is a wonderful tool to exercise gently and effectively. I have been using them for years."

"This boot is awesome. I have used it in physical therapy (in a tank) to rehab a knee surgery that resulted in significant quad loss. It is easy to take on/off and is comfortable. I feel great after the workout and can instantly tell a difference in the way my knee functions after use."