Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells (Sold in Pairs)

Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells (Sold in Pairs)
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Product Description

Hydro-Tone Hydro-Bells (Sold in Pairs)
High-impact plastic Hydro-Tone Bells provide a great arm, chest and upper body workout. The semi-soft handle in the middle has an almost velvet finish that is easy on your hand underwater.

The unique 3-D design adds great resistance when in the pool. By simply turning your wrist you can add different levels of intensity. The Hydro-Tone Bells neither sink nor float letting your body work specific muscle groups.

Great for those recovering from injury, or those unable to do weight training in the gym. Athletes wanting to cross-train will also find the drag created by these bells to have the perfect upper-body toning effect.

Change attitudes about exercise with this deeply invigorating, stress relieving workout. Have fun while working out!

The unique shape prevents the dumbbells from rolling away while pool side.

The bells are latex free. The plastic is bright yellow and treated to resist chlorine and UV rays.

Customer Comments

"The whole advantage is that you can, with proper form, push the power in your legs, hips and core, up through your trunk and out through your shoulders into a workout that can have you doing over a THOUSAND reps per hour (I work at 1500) with all major muscle groups at once. The calorie burn rate is higher than water polo, over 2,000 cph. You cannot imagine the strength and cardio capacity this produces, if only you are willing to push yourself. GET THEM NOW. "

"They are a great workout in the water for you arms. I use them every time I am in the pool. They are sturdy and will last forever."