Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker

Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker
Item# PLZ626

Product Description

Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker
Indoor pedal car kit comes with instructions, special tool and lubricant for axels!

Beginner stage children can use the provided handles, advanced stage, remove the handles to continue developing balance and coordination

Ages 3-13, max weight 100lbs The Playzone-Fit Wheel Walker is a fun way for kids to travel! An indoor pedal car, kids balance their way across the floor, one rotation at a time. Interior bearings make for a smooth ride. Powder coated steel supports with soft rubberized foam handles. Wheel Walker takes balance and coordination to another level. At the beginner stage, children use the provided handles while balancing and “walking” their way across the floor. Once ready for the advanced stage, they can remove the handles for another challenge of balance and coordination. Ages 3+ Max weight 100 lbs.