Polymer Belt Swing

Polymer Belt Swing
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Product Description

These soft polymer belt swings come on adjustable ropes which can be hung from swing frames, patios and trees between 5.8 and 7.8 feet high. Practical metal rings at the top of the swing, mean you can hook the swing into most existing swing frames using common attachments available at any hardware store.

All our rope is U.V. stabilized, soft and perfect for active kids and backyards. Being rope, there are no chances of finger pinching and jamming which are common factors in chain hung swings. This polymer molded swing seat is available in RED belt style only with GREEN rope.

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Typical Customer Questions

1. How does the swing adjust? On each of the ropes there is a special figure-of-eight clasp that basically moves up and down the ropes to the length that you want them at. There is a little "arm" on this clasp and as soon as it is snapped shut, the clasp fixes in place... It sounds far more complicated that what it is... but basically it is a tough metal clasp, which moves up and down the rope to whatever height you need, which in turn alters the rope length. Really practical and portable!

2. What is the swing made of? The swing is made from a soft polymer... so a soft rubber. It isn't rigid, it molds to the shape of the "swinger" for extra support. It is durable and has UV stabilizing qualities, so the red stays red.

3. How big is the swing? The swing is designed for children and is 26" long, 5.5" wide and up to .5" thick.