Pool Aqua Band

Pool Aqua Band
Item# S300

Product Description

Pool Aqua Band
The Pool Aqua Band is used in-water for resistance exercise programs for both upper and lower body use. Coming in five resistances we have an "Intensity Level" to match your needs!

This product consists of a 4-foot (1.2m) long tube with handle on one end and an adjustable velcro closure ankle strap on opposite end. Not interchangeable. See below videos for great suggestions on uses!

Silver: Light Resistance - 3 to 8 Pounds
Yellow: Medium to Light Resistance - 5 to 14 Pounds
Green: Medium Resistance - 8 to 24 Pounds
Red: Medium to Heavy Resistance - 12 to 31 Pounds
Blue: Heavy Resistance - 14 to 34 Pounds