Raptor Reacher

Raptor Reacher
Item# 50-1150

Product Description

The 24" long lightweight plastic Raptor Reacher will provide a tight grip on items as small as coins, and as bulky as newspapers, clothing, and full cans. Ideal for anyone recovering from hip replacement, back, and shoulder surgery, arthritis, or simply aging. The jaw opens a full 2 1/2" (6.3 cm).

Customer Comments:

"The Raptor Reacher is a must have tool for anyone recovering from hip replacement surgery or has any lower back, hip bending problems. I have had my right hip completly replaced and I still have problems with bending over to pick things up off the floor. The Raptor reaches is great for picking up just about anything. I use it all the time from picking up socks, my shoes, the dog chews and toys my dog and my roommates dog leave all over the house, I can pick up my hair ties if it falls on the floor. I even was able to pick up my deodorant off of the floor when I accidentally knocked it off my shelf. It did take a couple of tries because of the smooth round plastic sides, but I got it. It is made of a strong solid plastic and is able to pick up items with some weight to it. I have had other reachers but either the little rubber suction pads kept unscrewing and falling off while using it or other small bolts/screws would come lose and I would end up missing parts. I threw my old one away once I bought the raptor reacher. It has a good length on it also. The handle is also made with some holes so that you can place it on a hook to keep it within easy reach. The holes are perfect if you use the 3M hooks with the metal hook. I have one I keep in my bedroom all the time and I currently saving up to buy one to keep in my car and one at work also. This is worth your money to buy one. This should be the one they should have people use when they are physical rehab learning how to cope with a hip replacement."

"Got this reacher for the shower when I am too tight to pick up the soap or shampoo bottle. Made of light weight plastic and easy to use. "

Raptor Reacher comes in GRAY only.