Rock Tiles

Rock Tiles
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Rock Tiles
Molded out of grey polypropylene. 12”x12” molded tile with two rocks allow all set builders and end users to build a climbing wall to the size which best supports their playset. You will need eight 1/8" screws for each panel. Attaching screw and bolts are not included. Price is per panel.

Skill Level: Beginners: Set all of the tiles so that the letter “D” will be the top edge of the tile. Intermediate: turn the tiles so that the “C” is the top edge. Advanced: Turn the tiles so that the “B” is the top edge. Expert: Turn the tiles so the “A” is the top edge.

You will find that there are two versions of the tile. The first has one large rock projection and the other has two smaller rock projections. Since both of the tiles can be mounted and turned any direction this will give you the opportunity to work out a pattern that is suitable for your child’s skill level. The rocks have been designed for children of all ages and skill levels to have fun. We did this by allowing you to be able to change the configuration of the wall. As your child’s climbing skill increases you will be able to challenge them again by turning the tiles on the wall. It will be like getting a brand new wall.

Installation: After unpacking all of the tiles lay them out on the ground in the configuration that will be used on your playset. There are many different sizes that can be made. Please make sure that the size you choose will fit your set properly. Based on the pattern you figured out cut the plywood, ¾” pressure treated, to the exact size of the wall you need. Remember to reseal any new cut surfaces. Mount each tile to the plywood using 8 – 5/8” screws. Use only the holes provided. After you have mounted all the tiles to the plywood attach the climbing wall to your set by using 4 – 1 ½”wood screws. For the beginning and intermediate level we suggest that the plywood is mounted on an angle with the bottom of the wall kicked out 6 – 12”. Do not play on when wet.

Safe Use: This is for children 5-12 year olds only. Not for Adults. Adults should supervise children at all times. Do not allow children to stand on or use unsafely. Do not allow it to be used if damaged.

Maintenance: Do the following to reduce the chance of serious injuries. Check monthly for cracks, rust, missing rivets, open S-hooks or evidence of vandalism such as cutting, metal showing through the material or bent seats from children standing on them. Tighten and lubricate all metallic moving parts per manufacturer’s instructions. Check all protective coverings on nuts, bolts, pipes, edges, corners and all moving parts including swing hangers, swing seats, ropes, cables, chains and shackles. Replace as needed. Make sure there are no exposed footings, anchoring devices, rocks, roots, holes or any other obstacles in or around playground equipment. In high use areas these inspections should be done more frequently. Clean with mild soap and water when you do the monthly maintenance checks.

Sold individually.

Choose from: 1-Stone/Single shape. Grey only

2-Stone/Double shape. Grey only