Rosie's Collar

Rosie's Collar
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Product Description

Rosie's Collar
Rosie's Collar offers a high degree of stability for the swimmer. This in turn gives confidence and allows the swimmer to relax and enjoy their experience of floating in water. It is designed for swimmer's with a significant disability.

Rosie's Collar is made form closed cell foam layers within a PVC sleeve. The buckles on the front provide secure support for the head and neck, while preventing the head from being thrust back in the water. This secure head support in turn prevents body from leaning or rolling in water.

Sizing: Inside Circumference of neck opening is 14 inches

Testimonial: We are SO grateful to have found the Rosie collar. A little background for you - Levi was diagnosed with a rare form of muscular dystrophy just after he turned one. He never achieved sitting up or crawling, let alone walking. He has zero head control - meaning the muscles in his neck are so weak that without the support of his specialized headrest on his wheelchair his head would fall to whichever side gravity favoured. However, he is the smartest little 6 year old you will ever meet. Reads far beyond his years and has a vocabulary similar to his oldest brother. Creating ways for him to achieve independence is extremely important to us and drives us to constantly be on the prowl for innovations. The Rosie collar works so well because it allows his body to float while supporting his head 100%. His head cannot tilt in any direction while in it. It also allows him to feel the waves of other swimmers without getting his face wet. Because of the way his head is situated in it his face doesn't get wet from water unless he is splashed from above. This was another huge benefit of this float because he cannot lift his arms to wipe his face. Another benefit from the Rosie collar is that he can see all around him. He can watch everyone swim without anything on the float impeding his view. He is most comfortable in water because there are no pressure points to fight against, so finding the Rosie collar was a huge win for our entire family.