Scented Chew Stixx

Scented Chew Stixx
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Scented Chew Stixx
Available in standard blue, icy mint, spearmint, grape, chocolate, lemon, and orange, the Chew Stixx® product was initially designed to be a stand alone oral motor device. Shortly after its introduction to the marketplace, Chew Stixx® evolved into one of the most versatile sensory integration products ever developed. In late 2013, the manufacturing process, product design, and flavoring method for the entire Chew Stixx® line was modified to make it a major player in the special needs world, and one of the strongest oral motor chews available on the market today.

Chew Stixx when used properly provide a safe and bacteria free alternative for children who chew on shirts, pencils, fingers, or almost anything. Due to the alternating textures of this product, it is an excellent chewable hand fidget for children craving sensory input, and the input received from destructive oral motor grinding. Each arm of the X is sealed to not allow saliva to collect and features a different texture. The textures of this product were designed by therapists to simulate the ever changing textures of food, therefore assisting with children who have sensory issues when certain textures are placed in their mouth. Chew Stixx is an oral motor device and not a toy. Use of this product should be supervised by an adult or therapist at all times. Product is extremely durable but should be replaced at first sign of wear. Chew noted as most durable chew based on in house studies and test as compared to other oral motor device in same class.

Features: FDA approved materials and colors. Latex Free. High pressure molded for great durability. Multi Textured to simulate food. Great as a chewable hand fidget as well. 6 Pack includes: CHEW STIXX Original ORANGE - CITRUS FLAVOR CHEW STIXX Original GREEN - SPEARMINT FLAVOR CHEW STIXX Original CLEAR - ICY MINT FLAVOR NO COLOR CHEW STIXX Original PURPLE - GRAPE FLAVOR CHEW STIXX Original CHOCOLATE CHEW STIXX Original YELLOW - LEMON FLAVOR

Customer Comments: "My son has severe disabilities and craves oral input. He chews on things constantly. The chew stixx offer a great way to do this. However, he is older and can chew things up quickly. These particular stixx are very durable. The stixx make it so he can focus on educational activities because he is receiving the input he needs when chewing. They are not necessarily fun, but necessary for him and his needs."

"This chew stick has lasted for months, it seems like it cannot be destroyed, I was skeptical of that, also unlike the chew stixx junior the ends are closed so no saliva (or anything) can get in there, Great!"