Sensa Inflatables

Sensa Inflatables
Item# SS-1376273

Product Description

These two inflatables help those dealing with sensory or autistic spectrum disorders. They bring a sense of whimsy or fun to any living room or office!


SensaRock made of high quality vinyl and is filled with colorful balls that swish around inside when in use. SensaRock is attractive with dozens of colorful balls that makes swooshing sound while colorful panels add to the look. It is used for children with sensory processing or autistic spectrum disorders while Six handles on the top help those with gravitational insecurities.

SensaRock takes up a small space, measuring 53 in x 40 in with an inside width of 24 in. It has a weight limit of 100 lb.
It requires a power inflator.


SensaTrak is a air filled tube offering rhythmic rocking with a variety of motor and sensory input that calms and soothes. The rotation can be right for some children. Tube is approximately 50 inches made of heavy-duty vinyl. It has a weight limit of 65 lb.

SensaTrak can be inflated with a power inflator.