SEAL-TIGHT Shield (Shower Patch)

SEAL-TIGHT Shield (Shower Patch)
Item# 20435

Product Description

SEAL-TIGHT Shield (Shower Patch)
Disposable SEAL-TIGHT® Shield (Shower Patch™) is a secondary or supplemental dressing that allows patients to shower while keeping wound sites or surgical dressings dry. Use for dressings, infusion, ostomy, catheters, biopsies, or laparascopic procedures.

* Site-specific dressing protector
* 5" x 8" product provides 3.5" x 6" coverage
* Disposable, 5 per package
* Easy application and quick tab removal
* Transparent film is latex-free
* Latex Free
* Medical Grade adhesive
* Tab for easy removal

Apply the Shield to clean, dry, shaved skin. Remove the adhesive liner and position over the dressing - drainage tubes and catheters should exit at the lower edge. Adhere firmly around the exterior of the dressing. When done, use tab to remove Shield.

Please choose carefully; for health and safety reasons we do not offer refunds or exchanges on this product.