Sealife Swim Ring (size 2)

Sealife Swim Ring (size 2)
Item# 36011

Product Description

Sealife Swim Ring (size 2)
A popular alternative to the Nudgee Beach Swim Ring Size 2 (item 7188), these Sealife Swim Ring is a great inflatable float for smaller teens and kids alike. Single air chambers with separate easy inflate safety valves. Bright colors and designs for clear visibility in the water. Transparent allows swimmer to see through to the pool bottom.

Available in: Green Jellyfish, Pink Fish and Orange Clown Fish, this generous circumference provides support and stability.

1. Inner Circumference: 28"
2. Inner Diameter: 9"
3. Outer Circumference: 62.5"
4. Total Diameter: 20"
5. Height of Float Inflated: 4.5"

Please note: This is not a lifesaving device. Do not leave children unattended while the device is in use. Will not protect against drowning. Use only under constant supervision.