Short Blade Training Fin (Rubber)

Short Blade Training Fin (Rubber)
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Short Blade Training Fin (Rubber)
Unique rubber swim fin utilizes short-fin technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. A swimmer's kick is the first thing that suffers when fatigue sets in. The best way to prepare for this end-of-race or end-of-practice fatigue is to work the swimmer's legs with a pair of Theraquatics Short Blade fins. These swim fins provide the ideal amount of propulsion for enhancing the swim kick and stroke. Short swim fins make the legs work harder without overloading the leg muscles. Design enables a sustained workout level over a longer period of time. The Short Blade will increase leg power and build flatter or dolphin kick endurance. Please note that the color of the fin i.e. red/gray, green/gray or yellow/gray will depend on the size ordered.

Sometimes new fins cause chafing or blisters against the swimmer's feet and ankles. To prevent this problem we recommend putting on a pair of old socks (gym socks) before putting on your new Shot Blade fins. If you are between sizes or are still growing, buy the next size up and wear socks to fill the gap. Your foot and ankle are heavily flexed with the addition of a fin. Make sure you introduce them slowly into your workout routine. If you add fins in too quickly or use fins too much, you may torque your ankle, especially if your ankles aren't particularly flexible to begin with. In addition, make sure your fins fit properly and don't rub against your feet as this can cause blisters.

Special Needs Corner:
Lighter weight fins are a better option for the more severe cerebral palsy swimmer. Full boot fins make legs too heavy and cause the CP swimmer to sink. Fins are recommended to be introduced slowly as muscle groups and joints may not have been used during day to day activities for some time. The CP swimmer is at risk of pain if fin work is not introduced with care and moderation.

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