Short Blade Swim Fin (Silicone)

Short Blade Swim Fin (Silicone)
Item# 7530412

Product Description

Unique Silicone swim fin utilizes short-fin technology to promote a shorter, faster kick. A swimmer's kick is the first thing that suffers when fatigue sets in. The best way to prepare for this end-of-race or end-of-practice fatigue is to work the swimmer's legs with a pair of Speedo Short Blade fins. These swim fins provide the ideal amount of propulsion for enhancing the swim kick and stroke. Short swim fins make the legs work harder without overloading the leg muscles. Design enables a sustained workout level over a longer period of time. The Short Blade will increase leg power and build flatter or dolphin kick endurance.

Features: Soft silicone short blade training fins help you develop a stronger, faster flutter kick. Super-soft silicone foot pocket provides extended comfort and secure fit . Short, straight blade helps maintain proper kick/stroke tempo.

XXXS |Size: 13-2 (Youth)
Foot Pocket: Approx 7.5" long and 3.75" at their widest

XXS | Size: 3-4 (Youth)
Foot Pocket: Approx 8" long and 4 1/8" at their widest

XS | Size 4-5 (Youth)
Foot Pocket: Approx 8.5" long and 4.5" at their widest

S | Men's 5-6 | Women's 5.5-6.5
Foot Pocket: Approx 8.75" long and 4.5" at their widest

M | Men's 6-7 | Women's 7.5-8.5
Foot Pocket: Approx 9 1/4" long and 4.5" at their widest

L | Men's 8-9 | Women's 8.5-9.5
Foot Pocket: Approx 10" long and 4.5" at their widest

XL | Men's 10-11 | Women's 11.5-12.5
Foot Pocket: Approx 10.5" long and 5" at their widest

XXL | Men's 12-13 | Women's 12.5-14.5
Foot Pocket: Approx 11" long and 5.5" at their widest

Tips on sizing from customers: *Women's Size 6, order the Small.
*Women's Size 7.5, order a Medium.
*If you have Wide feet, consider going up a size.
*If you are between sizes, it is best to go up in size.

This listing is for one pair of Speedo Short Blade Fins.