Sinking Farm Animal Pool Markers

Sinking Farm Animal Pool Markers
Item# 8020

Product Description

Sinking Farm Animal Pool Markers
Ol' McDonald eat your heart out! Set of 6 molded vinyl farm animals that sink to the bottom of the pool and stay in place- even on a slope. They dry easily for storage. Each animal is approximately 13" long, brightly colored and can be easily seen on the pool bottom. Use these cartoon like figures as a great teaching tool, station marker, relay station or group classifier!

Set Includes: Duck, pig, hen, sheep, horse and cow figures.

Special Needs Corner:
For Spinal cord injured or Spina Bifida Kids, it is important to get them under the water so they can feel the water and how it moves around their bodies. This set of 6 highly visible shapes that sink to the pool bottom motivates kids to touch the floor of the pool with their hands and helps them balance their bodies underwater. Similar games include Sinking Smiley Face Pool Spots (item 9513B) and Sinking Dino Spots (Item 9513A).

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