Skill School Jet Boat

Skill School Jet Boat
Item# 98400

Product Description

This multicolored Skill School Inflatable Jet Boat Pool Seat toddler float features multiple inflatable compartments guaranteeing a smooth ride! The fun jet boat shape will be a hit with the whole family.

The bucket seat design will allow your toddler to have a comfortable seat back and the ability to kick their legs, helping build water confidence. The boat also features a wheel and working horn so your toddler can clear the lane!

Keep them poolside or take them along on trips to the beach or lake. Once deflated they take up no room.

The Skill School Inflatable Jet Boat Pool Seat is durable enough for kids to jump on and rough house with but also comes in handy when simply lounging in the water.

Perfect for pool parties and family fun days!