Splat Ball - Egg

Splat Ball - Egg
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Splat Ball - Egg
Have you ever tried squeezing a real egg? It doesn't work too well, does it? Play with a Splat Ball - Egg instead. This liquid filled stress ball is fun to squeeze in your hand, but it's even more fun to throw. Toss it against a hard flat surface and it spreads out flat on impact, looking like a fried egg. Then, within seconds, it begins to reform to its original shape again. Throw it near your co-worker's feet and they'll be thinking, "Ewww! Gross! What a mess!" but you'll both be laughing when the egg cleans up by itself!

Care Tips Wash with soap and water and air dry to remove debris and restore functionality.

This stress ball is made up of a thick clear rubber, filled with liquid. Avoid puncturing, over-stretching, or excessively twisting the ball to prevent leaking. Avoid squeezing and stretching around the plug. Squeezing in the same spot over and over may also weaken the outer layer. Keep away from computers, keyboards, electronic equipment and other liquid sensitive items and areas.

Approximately 2.5" long x 2" wide x 1.625" thick, clear flexible outer skin, rubbery yoke and clear liquid inside.