Latex-Free Stretchaband with Guide

Latex-Free Stretchaband with Guide
Item# Solo5

Product Description

Stretchaband Solo Packs are developed for individuals, fitting snugly into a gym bag for personal fitness and rehab, making them ideal to prescribe to patients. Stretchaband can be used in a huge variety of moves and motions to help improve your core strength, flexibility and muscle tone.

Stretchaband is Latex-free, odourless and powder-free exercise band, making it the perfect choice for physical therapy and fitness. Stretchaband is used in a variety of sports including Pilates, cycling, football, running and more.

The Stretchaband Solo Packs include an individually packed and professionally packaged 5 foot Stretchaband. They allow easy resale for clinicians looking to provide patients with a high quality and value for money at-home tool for rehab and training programmes.

Our Stretchaband Training Room contains a series of easy to use video guides and training tips so you get maximum from your Stretchaband. Stretchaband is used in a variety of sports including pilates, cycling, running, football and for active rehabilitation and training.

Stretchaband is Latex-Free, Odourless and Powder-Free exercise band, making it the perfect choice for physical therapy and personal training.

There is a Stretchaband Solo Pack suitable for everyone - from beginners looking to get active, through to elite sports professionals. They are available in our full range of resistances to match your level of fitness and muscle tone. Keep active when you are travelling with the easy to carry Stretchaband Solo Pack. The full pack weighs less than a smart phone and fits snugly in your pocket.


Therapy - Complete range of motion for progressive exercise and injury rehabilitation. Exercise bands are a great tool for injury recovery and prevention. Rotator Cuff, sprain ankle and knee injuries are the some of the most common injures which can be treat using exercise bands.

Fitness - Exercise bands exercises are great for improving core strength and flexibility. Exercises with resistance bands provide a replacement of Progressive resistance without the bulk of machines or free weights.

Come in your choice of resistance, including: