Swim Teaching Platform

Swim Teaching Platform
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Product Description

Swim Teaching Platform
The Swim Teaching Platform is a standing deck designed for teaching lessons in deeper water. The platform creates a sturdy, non-slip surface above the pool bottom, creating a safe and enjoyable learning experience. Made out of a uniquely molded fiberglass, the Swim Teaching Platform is sturdy and built to withstand chlorine and sun damage. Railings create a safe and clear distinction between teaching areas and can be connected to create larger platforms. The Swim Teaching Platform structure has wheels for easy storage and is light enough to be moved by one person.

Molded Fiberglass Standing Deck
*Raised surface above the pool bottom creates a safe and enjoyable learning experience

Non-Slip Surface
*Ensures users remain safe, comfortable and confident

Fiberglass Structure
*Sturdy and durable, yet light enough for one person to move

Removable Railings
*Creates a clear distinction between teaching areas and enables platforms to be stacked for easy storage

Interlocking Design
*Platforms can be connected for optimized pool space

Built in Wheels
*Makes for easy transportation and storage

Drainage Caps
*Allows water to drain easily out of railings after removed from the pool

Customizable Height
*To reduce height simply cut off lower parts of legs and slip into the joints

5 Year Warranty (Deck)
*Built to withstand chlorine and sun damage

Multiple Sizes
*Small (1.2M X 1.1M) #
*Large (1.8M X 1.1M) #

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