SwimMate Adult Disposable Swim Diapers

SwimMate Adult Disposable Swim Diapers
Item# PU284

Product Description

Swimmates Disposable Swimwear are the most innovative new product in unisex adult incontinence wear. Designed to be the ultimate in discretion, these pants do not swell nor break apart like so many others on the market.

The pants are form fitting and designed to be worn under swimwear, offering a moisture guard that offers protection from light urinary incontinence prior to entering the pool. The inner leg Kufguards provide bowel incontinence containment while in the pool. After swimming, the pants have an easy removal tear-away side system and can be thrown away.


Minimal Swell Technology
Tear-Away Sides
Kufguards inner leg-cuffs for bowel containment.
Moisture barrier to protect light urinary incontinence prior to entering water


Small (22"-36") - 2844 - 22 per package
Medium (34"-48") - 2845 - 20 per package
Large (44"-54") - 2846 - 18 per package
XLarge (48"-66") - 2847 - 14 per package
XXLarge (62"-80") - 2848 - 12 per package

Customer Reviews:

"So much better than regular. Bought for a family member - did not leak 'gel' out like a typical adult product."