Swimmer's Leash

Swimmer's Leash
Item# WG-68500

Product Description

Water Gear's Swimmer's Leash is designed to hold you in place while swimming or exercising. The nylon web belt is attached around the waist and the other end of the 10' (3.04 meters) stretch leash is attached to a fixed point on the edge of the pool, allowing you to swim in place in small pools or limited space situations. The stretchable cord maintains tension while exercising. The Swimmer's Leash creates a stationary position, where the swimmer can develop endurance and work on stroke technique. The configuration can be used with any swim stroke, and serves as a great way for coaches to observe swimmers from the pool deck.

Easy-to-use Instructions: *Loop and attach one end of stretch cord to a pool ladder, lane marker hook or any other solid connecting point. *Connect other end to loop on waist belt. *Buckle on adjustable waist belt (max waist size 40") and begin swimming or exercising. *To keep the stretch cord out of the way, attach cord to edge of pool 2-3' above water line.

This listing is for one Swimmer's Leash with a light-medium resistance GREEN STRETCH CORD.