Teacher's Pet Weighted Lap Dog Cloe

Teacher's Pet Weighted Lap Dog Cloe
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Product Description

Abilitations Teacher's Pet Weighted Lap Dog, Cloe, is no ordinary pet. It is soft, huggable and WEIGHTED. Designed especially for handing to students who are having trouble sitting still or focusing during circle time, desk time, dinnertime, etc. Cloe loves to be held but is just as content sitting on a lap to provide the just-right-amount of input needed to calm your wiggler or alert the student with low tone. Cloe is also a great listener for emergent readers and provides a great ear for challenged speakers. Weighs 5 lbs.


For children with a hard time sitting still and emerging readers
Every teacher, parent and therapist needs a pet Cloe and Dot are no ordinary pets, Baby Cloe and Baby Dot are now available and are ready to be held

Customer Comments:

"I purchased two Cloe dogs for my preschool inclusion class, which has many children with autism enrolled, and all the children love these dogs. Cloe is weighted just right and her long body helps the children to hold her more thoughtfully. She really helps children sit more patiently through circle time and table top activities. Cloe is very sturdy and has held up well through many loving preschooler hands. I am purchasing more for my other classrooms.'