Theraquatics Cerebral Palsy Float Suit

Theraquatics Cerebral Palsy Float Suit
Item# 9503

Product Description

Theraquatics Cerebral Palsy Float Suit
Designed for swimmers with significant physical and neurological disabilities.

The Cerebral Palsy (CP) Float Suit maintains the swimmer in a horizontal position on their back while in the water.

The design of the head piece prevents the body from leaning and rolling to one side or the other. The head piece also prevents the head from being thrust back into the water, or forwards as happens with sudden involuntary reflexes.

The positioning of closed cell foam within the CP Float Suit is designed to compensate for uneven weight distribution as may occur in swimmers with more severe physical or neurological disabilities.

A smooth PVC sleeve with gusset sewn around the neck make the CP Float Suit comfortable to wear. It has an adjustable belt around the waist with a quick release buckle. It is strapped securely onto the body. A swimmer can not slip out of the CP Float Suit.

The CP Float Suit can grow with the swimmer. Special features on the CP Float Suit enable it to lengthen over a period of time.

For the carer who would enjoy swimming alongside their charge, the CP Float Suit is an answer. The CP Float Suit supports the head and neck from behind and the sides. Since it is secured onto the body the CP Float Suit reassures the more anxious of swimmers.

Our CP Float Suits are suitable for both adults and children.

Useful in special needs aquatic programs or in pediatric water therapy activities.

How to Choose between the Standard and Hi-Support Float Suit

The only difference between a Hi-Support and Standard CP Float suit is in the head piece. In the Standard CP Floatsuit we have placed 3 sheets of foam that are 10mm thick.In the Hi-Support Floatsuit we have those sheets PLUS a sheet of 20mm thick foam. The reason for this is that the Hi-Support Float suit is intended for swimmers who often have reflexes that make them arch their head backwards into the water . The head piece on the Hi Support floatsuit makes it very, very difficult to push the head under the water due to the surface area of the head piece and the extra thickness of the foam. So if you are purchasing for a swimmer who is strong and has a tendency to throw their head backwards into the water, Theraquatics suggests the Hi-Support Float.

When ordering your CP Float Suit-

1. Include a measurement of the distance between the collar bone and groin of your swimmer. Also include the height of the swimmer.

2. Bare in mind that as all float suits are tailor made to order with the measurements you supply to Theraquatics; the turnaround time is normally around 3-4 weeks.

3. Click on the thumbnail image to see how the CP Float Suit is worn