Theraquatics Core Stability Disc

Theraquatics Core Stability Disc
Item# 8003

Product Description

Theraquatics Core Stability Disc
Combines advantages of a seating wedge, balance board, and exercise ball. Made of a harder plastic that provides more instability for more efficient balancing exercises. Good for lower back, pelvic, postural, balance and weight shift exercises. Sit on chair, lay on the floor, stand with 1 or 2 feet. Adjust volume of air to change degree of difficulty. Enhance weight training by standing on TWO Core Stability Discs. Do sit-ups, lunges, deep knee bends, push-ups or leg lifts.

The Theraquatics Core Stability Disc has the same benefits as a Gymball but without the risk of falling off. Popular with children who have hyperactive nervous systems as it enhances calmness and concentration when sitting. Bumps on one side for tactile stimulation. Smooth on other side for grip. Inflatable with a standard ball needle and pump (not included).

Strong enough for regular use during therapy, as part of an obstacle course, or for seating during homework or classwork time. Use while standing to work on balance too.

Sizes: 13 inches in diameter, 24 inches in diameter