Thera-Band Hand Bars (sold individually)

Thera-Band Hand Bars (sold individually)
Item# HYG151

Product Description

Thera-Band Hand Bars (sold individually)
A great tool for aquatic therapy and fitness, Thera-Band Hand Bars have many uses and are like dumbbells for use in the water. See video at the end for suggested uses and exercises!

Increase range of motion in the upper and lower extremities, strengthen the lower back, abdominal muscles and obliques, and increase flexibility in the back. Enables swimmer to build muscle strength, balance and coordination and flexibility while preserving joint strength. Tone your arms, chest, shoulders and back with these easy-to-use aqua therapy dumbbells.

Thera-Band Hand Bars are supplied in three levels of resistance and buoyancy in the water. Sold individually, all three sizes are color-coded and have capped ends and padded handles for added comfort during use. Hand bar diameter: 1.5"

The forces required to submerge Thera-Band® Hand Bars are:
- Light Hand Bars - 2.5 pounds of force
- Medium Hand Bars - 4 pounds of force
- Heavy Hand Bars - 6 pounds of force

Choose from:
Light - Red (2.5 lb), Foam: 10" x 1"
Medium - Green (4 lb) Foam: 12" x 2-1/2"
Heavy - Blue (6 lb) Foam: 15" x 4"

Customer Comments:
These are great. When I got them and took them out of the box I was shocked at how light they were and thought they would be useless. I was wrong. Once you get them into the water the water resistance makes them work really well. I highly recommend them.

We use these at the local Y in our water exercise class: so I bought a set for my second home's pool. They are great, you can use them in many ways, from water walking to push downs for the upper arms.

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