Training Leash

Training Leash
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Product Description

The Water Gear Training Leash unique design gives it multiple uses. Swimmers can use the cord for resistance swimming and coaches can use the cord to pull swimmer's and monitor stroke technique without over exerting the swimmer. Great for a workout with a steady increase in resistance. Also ideal for testing and perfecting head, hip and body positions. The waist belt is adjustable up to 48 inches.

The stretch cord is 20 inches in length and comes in your choice of resistance: Light, Medium or Heavy. Great for use in a 25 meter pool. With each increase in resistance the tube gets a bit thicker making it harder to pull on.

To use: Put on the comfort belt and position tether hook at middle of back. Trim the comfort lining to meet your specific body shape but do not cut the black nylon belt. Attach tether strap to a secure, unmovable location such as a pool ladder or starting block. Then attach the tether to the belt clip.