Training Pull Buoy

Training Pull Buoy
Item# SM-40

Product Description

Focus on your upper body and change up your lap routine!

This traditional barrel buoy training aid isolates the upper body when performing any aquatic exercise or therapy routine. Pull Buoys are placed between the legs and held there to force your upper body and torso to work together to move around. The two Floats are woven together by a sturdy, adjustable strap that allows the user to adjust the distance between the two Floats. Each Pull Buoy is constructed of closed-cell polyethylene foam that is latex-free, and does not absorb moisture.

Thanks to our color coded straps these pull buoy's can eb adjusted to fit any wearer! The perfect fit allows you to keep the buoys between your thighs as you swim. If your thighs are touching, you need to tighten the straps. If the buoys themselves are nearly touching and your legs are falling on the outside of the buoy you need to give the straps some length.


Large Red Straps
Medium Blue Straps
Small Yellow Straps