Unisex Adult Wet Suit

Unisex Adult Wet Suit
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Unisex Adult Wet Suit
This Wet Suit helps maintain body temperature in water. It's made of 2.5 mm neoprene, which is blind stitched with a zipper from the neck down to left leg.

Insulation: Wetsuits insulate your body in two ways:
*First, they trap a thin layer of water between your suit and skin to reduce heat loss. That's done by the neoprene, which traps nitrogen bubbles to provide the insulation.
*Second, by keeping cold water away from your skin, you receive further insulation
*A well-fitting wetsuit increases insulation and comfort
*They should fit snugly but shouldn't restrict your movement or breathing
*If a suit is too loose, you allow water to enter, defeating its purpose
*A wetsuit should be sized similarly to your regular clothes

Color: Blue

Adult Sizes: AXS-A3XL

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