Vestibular Balance Stepper

Vestibular Balance Stepper
Item# vestibular-balance-stepper

Product Description

Vestibular Balance Stepper
The slip resistant sensory surface of the Stepping Wolf Balance Stepper make stability exercise a fun and safe experience. The Balance Stepper promotes many practical applications such as physical therapy, exercise, injury prevention, balance, gait training and rehabilitation. The stepper is made from the same soft material as a large balance ball. Each foot pad is 13" across and 5.5" wide, accommodating most any foot size.

The Balance Stepper is perfect for home use but can also be utilized in a clinical setting.

Air transfers from one foot pad to the other as you step up and down, working your ankles and calves, as well as your whole lower body and core. As a result of frequent use of the Stepping Wolf Balance Stepper, users will develop better balance, body awareness and joint mobility. The Stepper also gives a great foot massage! To increase or decrease resistance you can easily inflate or deflate the stepper. For an added challenge add in weights to your Balance stepper workout!

The Stepper has nubs on the bottom to grip any surface.

Dimensions: Each foot pad is 13" across and 5.5" wide