Vibrating Cushtie Pillow

Vibrating Cushtie Pillow
Item# 7CUSH

Product Description

These vibrating pillows are a convenient shape for a myriad of uses. The vibration has a therapeutic benefit for those with sensory/processing disorders. A simple hug will bring the child soothing vibrations and help them sit still or send them off to sleep.

Because of it's shape the pillow is also perfect for sore muscles, specifically the neck and lower back. Thousands of microbeads are housed by a stretchy outer skin that automatically readjusts as you move!

Micro Beads are very comfortable, but not suitable if there is a danger of ripping. Vibrations add another dimension to this pillow.

Easy push on/off switch.

Colors may vary.

Batteries: 2 x AA, Not Included

L: 12" x W: 8.75" x H: 4.5"