Water Gear Professional Aqua Cuff

Water Gear Professional Aqua Cuff
Item# 9526
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Product Description

Water Gear Professional Aqua Cuff
Adds buoyancy and resistance. Soft, neoprene-coated foam for comfort fit. Fully adjustable foot and ankle straps for secure fit. Fixed resistance for quick exercise transition. Unique molding process makes fabric and foam very durable. One size fits all.

Features of the Water Gear Professional Aqua Cuff™:
- This revolutionary manufacturing process allows the foam to be encased in a soft neoprene jacket.
- The soft fabric provides for comfortable fit but makes it very durable wear.
- The Aqua Cuff adds buoyancy and resistance to leg workouts.
- The cuff comes with fully adjustable foot and ankle straps.
- The fixed resistance level makes exercise transition quicker during classes.
- One size fits all.
- Color: Blue/Red
- Resistance Level: Medium 9526M (Blue) or Heavy 9526H (Red)