Water Noodle Sets

Water Noodle Sets
Item# SM530W

Product Description

Water Noodle Sets
These Water Noodle Sets are great for swim classes, water aerobics, backyard fun, pool and birthday parties!! All are made from our high quality materials. See below videos for suggested uses and exercises!

Budget Water Noodle With Hole (Set of 24)
Case of 24 all-round foam tubes, 52 inch length, approximately 2.5 inch diameter with 1-inch hollow core. These Noodles are made from a proprietary foam compound that's denser than others for improved buoyancy and stiffness. Our soft floating foam pool noodles provide additional buoyancy when in the water. Great for learning to swim—and most importantly, fun! Swimmers of all ages will love using these colorful pool noodles for pool games or extra flotation. Made from buoyant, lightweight polyethylene. Closed-cell design makes them highly resistant to wear. Made in North America. Orderable online.

White Heavy Duty Pool Noodle Sets
These noodle sets come in your choice of three different sizes. White Heavy Duty Pool Noodles are made to last with durable polyethylene foam that allows the noodle to withstand even the heaviest use over time. These commercial grade noodles have no hole, which makes them resistant to the bending, twisting, and rough abuse found in the swimming pool. Great for water aerobics and rowdy kids!
Available in following kit options:
3" diameter x 54" Long (Set of 12)
3" diameter x 60" Long (Set of 12)
4" diameter x 60" Long (Set of 9)

Please Note: Please call or email us directly for a quote for the Heavy Duty Noodles. Limited stocks available in white, grey and black colors.