Hydro-Tone Water Weight Bells (Sold in Pairs)

Hydro-Tone Water Weight Bells (Sold in Pairs)
Item# WW1

Product Description

Hydro-Tone Water Weight Bells (Sold in Pairs)
These Hydro-Tone Water Weight dumbbells provide a great work out on land or in the water! Their innovative hollow design allows you to fill them with air for buoyancy during a water workout, and water to create weight during a land exercise.

The water weight bells provide a great arm, chest and upper body workout.

The 3-D blade design and buoyancy add great resistance when in the pool. By simply turning your wrist you can add different levels of intensity.

Using on Land? WW-1 weighs about 0.6 pounds for just one piece when it's empty and has air inside. The one piece weighs 4.0 pounds when filled with water.

The dumbbells are 13 x 5 inches and made of poly-propylene. See our store for more products from the Hydro-Tone line!

Customer Comments:
"They are a nice addition to our foam weights, as the exercise is lifting rather than pushing down with the foam weights. "

"The bar bells work well in the pool. They create a lot of resistance to help build up arm strength."