Water Gear Resistance Bells (sold in pairs)

Water Gear Resistance Bells (sold in pairs)
Item# WG-825

Product Description

Water Gear's Resistance Bells provide a great arm, chest and upper body workout. Constructed of soft EVA foam, the Resistance Bells are non-abrasive to skin and fabric. Dumbbells will not chip or absorb water. The semi-soft handle in the middle has an almost velvet finish that is easy on your hand underwater.

Great for those recovering from injury, or those unable to do weight training in the gym. Athletes wanting to cross-train will also find the drag created by these bells to have the perfect upper-body toning effect. By simply turning your wrist you can add different levels of intensity.

Change attitudes about exercise with this deeply invigorating, stress relieving workout. Have fun while working out!


MINIMUM (40% resistance) - All Aqua - (2.0" X 6.0")
SOFT (50% resistance) - Yellow one side/Aqua the other - (2.5" X 6.0")
MEDIUM (60% resistance) - All Yellow - (3.38" X 6.0")
MAXIMUM (80% resistance) - All Blue - (3.88" X 6.0")
ULTRA (99% resistance) - Blue and Yellow - (5.13" X 6.0")
ELITE (120% resistance) - Blue and Teal - (5.13" X 7.25")

Useful Dumbbell Exercises:

A strong core makes any daily activity easier, and is one of the most important areas you can work with Water Gear Resistance Bells.

Core: This exercise targets your abdominals, obliques and back muscles, while providing a cardio challenge to keep your heart rate up. Exercise: Start in an upright position and stretch your legs straight forward then bring your knees to your chest. With a dumbbell between your legs do circuits of knee tucks extending your legs to the front, sides, and back. Repeat 10-20 times.

Arm Exercises:


Stand in shoulder deep water and position dumbbells with arms straight down and palms facing your thighs. Lift dumbbells slowly out to the side and stop once your hands become level with your shoulders. Repeat 10-20 times.


Bicep curls are a good way to increase arm strength quickly. While standing in waist deep water hold your hands beneath the water with your palms facing forward. Slowly bend your elbows only moving your forearms until the dumbbells are level with the water. Hold for ten seconds and face your palms down pushing back down to your thighs and repeat.


Dumbbells also add a new element to your pool cardiovascular workout. First you must go to an area of the pool where you can have your feet flat on the floor and your shoulders underwater. With this positioning you can incorporate this into any cardio workout. An example would be letting a dumbbell give you a resistance drag by holding it behind your body as you walk or jog. A way to add your upper body into a lower body based cardio exercise would be to continually pump the dumbbell away from your chest as you walk or jog.