Wheelchair Workout Kit

Wheelchair Workout Kit
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Product Description

Wheelchair Workout Kit
Tone your muscles throughout the day with this fantastic Wheelchair Workout Kit. Everything you need is included to make virtually any wheelchair into a fitness chair!

Kit includes: 5 x sets of progressive resistance tubes, 2 x Handles , 1 x combination hand/finger exerciser and a Carrying Case.

Each kit includes instructions for: Bicep Curls (Muscles Benefited: Biceps), Chest Fly (Muscles Benefited: Pectoral major and minor, triceps and deltoids), Overhead Press (Muscles Benefited: Pectoral major and minor, triceps and deltoids), Ab Crunch (Muscles Benefited: Abdominal), Lateral Shoulder Raises (Muscles Benefited: Shoulders).

Resistance bands come in a range of colors that relate to their stiffness or resistance. Color-coding is as follows: Yellow (thin), Red (medium), Green (heavy), Blue (extra heavy), Black (special heavy).

You will increase flexibility in your joints and muscles, and contribute to your longevity. Staying active makes you look and feel younger. (Studies have shown that regular exercising has specific anti-aging properties). Exercising builds up your immune system, helping to combat infections. Frequent sustained exercise builds up vital muscle tissue, increases circulation, removes toxins and strengthens your body overall. In addition, exercise plays a crucial role in creating an alert and agile mind.

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Spinal Cord Injury Aerobic Workout: Paraplegia